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World War Z (2013)

World War Z (2013)

World War Z (2013)


00:00:00,092 --> 00:00:02,927
Anteriormente em Elementary
Irene Adler.

00:00:02,928 --> 00:00:05,478
Morta em seu apartamento.
Há um ano e meio.

00:00:05,479 --> 00:00:06,780
Foi o Moriarty.

00:00:06,781 --> 00:00:08,722
E com quem eu tenho
o prazer de falar?

00:00:08,723 --> 00:00:10,299
Meu nome é Moriarty.

00:00:10,300 --> 00:00:12,093
Irene Adler...
você a matou?

00:00:12,094 --> 00:00:14,688
Essa é a questão, não é?

00:00:14,689 --> 00:00:18,124
-Como ela era?
-Para mim, "a" mulher.

00:00:18,125 --> 00:00:19,926
Para mim, ela eclipsava
e predominava

00:00:19,927 --> 00:00:21,628
sobre todos os seres
de seu gênero.

00:00:21,629 --> 00:00:23,079
O que acha
que tem aí dentro?

00:00:23,080 --> 00:00:25,699
Os motivos de eu estar aqui
são pessoais.

00:00:25,700 --> 00:00:27,650

00:00:27,651 --> 00:00:29,986

00:00:31,922 --> 00:00:33,303

00:00:33,304 --> 00:00:35,454

00:00:36,178 --> 00:00:37,878

00:00:38,000 --> 00:00:41,074
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00:00:56,558 --> 00:00:59,627

00:00:59,628 --> 00:01:01,234
A porta está aberta.

00:01:06,407 --> 00:01:08,908
Olá, você deve ser
o Investigador Particular.

00:01:08,909 --> 00:01:11,461
Detetive Consultor, sim.

00:01:11,462 --> 00:01:13,630
Sherlock Holmes.

00:01:13,631 --> 00:01:16,049
Detetive Consultor?

00:01:16,050 --> 00:01:18,968
Isso é diferente de ser
um Investigador Particular?

00:01:18,969 --> 00:01:24,591
Há menos fotos escondidas
de cônjuges traindo, sim.

00:01:24,592 --> 00:01:26,760
Como mencionei
no meu e-mail,

00:01:26,761 --> 00:01:28,945
estou investigando algo
para um amigo meu

00:01:28,946 --> 00:01:31,714
que adquire itens
para leilões na Christie's.

00:01:31,715 --> 00:01:33,516
Agora, o Sr. Kirby
do Museu Britânico

00:01:33,517 --> 00:01:35,418
disse que como
sua melhor restauradora,

00:01:35,419 --> 00:01:37,487
você era a pessoa certa.

00:01:37,488 --> 00:01:39,885
Gentileza do Sr. Kirby.

00:01:43,194 --> 00:01:45,407
Irene Adler.
Prazer em conhe...

00:01:45,830 --> 00:01:47,563

00:01:47,564 --> 00:01:49,415
Você é bonito.

00:01:50,284 --> 00:01:51,901

00:01:51,902 --> 00:01:54,570
Sou treinada
para procurar isso.

00:01:55,873 --> 00:01:58,174
De qualquer forma, olhei
as imagens que mandou.

00:01:58,175 --> 00:02:00,494
Diga a seu amigo na Christie's
que sinto muito,

00:02:00,495 --> 00:02:04,047
mas aquelas telas
não são originais do Turner.

00:02:04,048 --> 00:02:07,350
Tem certeza?
A origem é bastante convincente.

00:02:07,351 --> 00:02:12,217
Sim, as falsificações são boas,



Former UN employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), his wife Karin (Mireille Enos) and their two daughters wake and enjoy a family breakfast. Gerry tells the youngest daughter he quit his job to spend more time with the family. On the TV is some news about strife and talk of martial law. Later, they sit in heavy Philadelphia traffic when the city is attacked by a horde of zombies. Fast-moving "super zombies" who attack people, biting them and the bitten getting turned. The Lanes are in a car crash during the panic stampede and Gerry notices it takes 12 seconds for a bitten person to change. As the chaos spreads, the Lanes escape from the city in a stolen RV trailer and take refuge in an apartment complex in Newark. Deputy Secretary-General Thierry Umutoni (Fana Mokoena) - an old friend of Gerry's - calls and tells the family that he is sending a helicopter to rescue them. The helicopter takes the Lanes to a U.S. Navy vessel off the coast of New York City, where a team of scientists and military personnel are analyzing the scope of the worldwide outbreak.A virologist, Dr. Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel), argues that the plague is a virus, whose origin must be found in order for a vaccine to be developed. Because of his expertise as a former UN investigator, Gerry is tasked with helping Fassbach find the outbreak's source. Gerry reluctantly agrees to help, on given the word that his family will be safe, and is sent to Camp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea.Moments after arriving at the base, Gerry's team is attacked by zombies. Fassbach is killed after accidently shooting himself. After being rescued by the base's surviving personnel, Gerry learns that the zombies are attracted to noise. Gunter Haffner (David Morse), a former CIA operative, tells Gerry to go to Jerusalem, where the Israeli Mossad had established a safe zone just before the outbreak was officially acknowledged, implying Israel might have had prior knowledge of what was to come. As Gerry prepares to leave, the infected attack and kill several of the soldiers. Only Gerry and the C130 pilot manage to escape.In Jerusalem, Gerry meets Mossad leader Jurgen Warmbrunn (Ludi Boeken), who explains that the Mossad had months earlier intercepted communications from an Army General in India, who stated that Indian troops were fighting the "rakshasa", or "dead spirits". With this knowledge, the country quarantined itself. While Gerry talks with Jurgen, zombies begin to climb the protective wall the Israelis built, forming a massive pile that eventually succeeds in entering the city. While fleeing, Gerry notices that an old man and an emaciated boy are ignored by the zombies. While escaping, Segen (Daniella Kertesz), Gerry's escort, is bitten by a zombie. Gerry quickly amputates her hand to stop the spread of the infection. Gerry and Segen eventually manage to board a Belarus Airways airliner after Gerry's pilot panics and flies away.Contacting Thierry, Gerry asks for the nearest WHO or CDC type lab, they are diverted to a WHO research facility in Cardiff, Wales. While in the air, a stowaway zombie is released and attacks the passengers. The plane crashes after Gerry detonates a grenade to kill the zombies. Segen and Gerry proceed as the only apparent survivors of the crash, Gerry has been impaled by a metal part. Out of contact, the US Navy assumes he is dead and deports his family to Nova Scotia.After arriving at the facility, Gerry awakes strapped to a gurney but bandaged. He reveals a theory to the wary scientists that since the old man and the sickly boy were ignored: the infected do not bite people who are seriously injured or already terminally ill, since they would be unsuitable as hosts for viral reproduction. He volunteers to inject himself with a terminal but curable pathogen to see if his idea works. However, the wing of the building in which the pathogens are stored was overrun by zombies after a doctor accidentally infected himself. Gerry decides to go get a pathogen regardless, while Segen and one of the WHO doctors follow him for backup. They fight their way through the zombies, and Gerry finally gets to the pathogen vault.After getting cornered inside the vault by a lone zombie, Gerry's only course of action is to perform an impromptu test of his theory. He injects himself and opens the vault door - the zombie ignores him. After he makes it back to the safe part of the facility, everyone rejoices at his theory's success, and the doctors cure him of the pathogen. Gerry returns to his family, in a safe zone in Freeport, Nova Scotia.A "vaccine" derived from deadly pathogens is developed that can act as camouflage for the troops battling the infected. Human offensives begin against the zombies, and hope is restored. Gerry comments, "This isn't the end. Not even close."

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