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The Edukators (2004)

The Edukators (2004)

The Edukators (2004)


00:01:05,518 --> 00:01:08,749
Leonard, venha me
ajudar com as malas.

00:01:09,255 --> 00:01:12,156
Que bom chegarem casa.

00:01:13,459 --> 00:01:16,360
Vocês estão com pressa?

00:01:16,862 --> 00:01:20,730
- Depois que...
- Podem entrar, crianças.

00:01:21,000 --> 00:01:25,130
- Fofo, o que você faz aí?
- Guarde o seu gato.

00:01:31,611 --> 00:01:34,341
- Desliguei o alarme.
- Prepare a sauna, amor.

00:01:34,547 --> 00:01:38,210
- Pois não.
- Estou morrendo de sede.

00:01:40,453 --> 00:01:42,512
O que?

00:01:52,331 --> 00:01:54,663
Mamãe, veja.

00:01:55,067 --> 00:01:56,967
O que é isso?

00:01:59,505 --> 00:02:02,633
O aparelho de som sumiu.

00:02:03,576 --> 00:02:06,170
Meus soldados de porcelana.

00:02:08,247 --> 00:02:10,909
Mãe, os seus bonecos!

00:02:18,724 --> 00:02:22,820
- Não toque em nada.
- Faça algo. Chame a polícia.

00:02:23,029 --> 00:02:24,724
Agora mesmo.
Laura, não toque em nada!

00:02:24,930 --> 00:02:27,091
Tem uma carta!

00:02:27,299 --> 00:02:30,063
- Dê pra mim.
- Achei o som na geladeira!

00:02:30,269 --> 00:02:31,531

00:02:41,614 --> 00:02:43,809

00:02:52,391 --> 00:02:55,792

00:04:02,361 --> 00:04:07,230
Eles ralam 14 horas por dia,
sete dias por semana.

00:04:08,400 --> 00:04:11,301
Compramos os sapatos
por 1OO euros...

00:04:11,504 --> 00:04:13,995
mas custam no máximo cinco euros.

00:04:14,206 --> 00:04:16,436

00:04:17,042 --> 00:04:20,739
- Sabe quem fabrica estes sapatos?
- Não.

00:04:20,946 --> 00:04:23,244
Crianças da Indonésia,
das Filipinas...

00:04:23,449 --> 00:04:27,010
- Peço que se retire da loja.
- Indonésia e Filipinas produzem...

00:04:27,219 --> 00:04:32,088
Aqui é proibido.
Fora, rapaz. Saia!

00:04:32,291 --> 00:04:34,418
- Só entreguei um panfleto!
- A loja não permite.

00:04:34,627 --> 00:04:36,458
- Não encoste!
- Agora fora!

00:04:36,662 --> 00:04:40,928
Sapatos fabricados por
crianças entre 12 e 16 anos!

00:04:41,133 --> 00:04:42,998
- Andem!
- Escrotos.

00:04:43,202 --> 00:04:45,727
Porcos capitalistas!

00:04:46,872 --> 00:04:48,897

00:04:49,441 --> 00:04:51,602
O governo apóia o capitalismo!

00:04:52,978 --> 00:04:54,809

00:04:58,584 --> 00:05:02,714
É uma manifestação legal!

00:05:20,306 --> 00:05:22,604
Ei, pra você.

00:05:48,200 --> 00:05:51,966
Está aí, Srta. Lindner.
Sua ordem de despejo.

00:05:52,171 --> 00:05:53,763
Tem duas semanas pra se mudar.

00:05:53,973 --> 00:05:58,273
Deixe em perfeitas condições
senão perde o depósito. Entendeu?




A wealthy family comes home from vacation to find their home has been broken into. Nothing has been stolen but the furniture is stacked in the center of the room, a collection of porcelain figures is in the toilet, and the stereo is in the freezer. I note is left stating Your days of plenty are numbered. It is signed The Edukators. Jule [linknm=0421799] is a young activist. She goes around telling people about the working conditions of sweatshops. She returns to her apartment only to be given an eviction notice. Jan Daniel Brühl is a young man. He is riding the trolley when he overhears an elderly homeless man who is being ridiculed. He hands the man his ticket and gets off. Jule is dating Peter Stipe Erceg, Jans roommate. Jule is suspicious of Jan and does not like him. Peter offers to take Jule with him on a trip to Barcelona. She does not because of her financial situation. Jan and Peter go out on what they claim is their job, putting up posters. On the way they discuss the importance of the difference between what they do and petty theft. Clearly Jan is more committed to the cause than Peter. Jule works in a high-class restaurant where she is treated like a servant. The next morning Jule receives a call stating she clear out of her apartment immediately and clean it up including paint the walls. Since Peter is going to Barcelona, he recruits Jan to help. Jule and Jan paint side-by-side in awkward silence. Jule turns some music on and they bond over their common interest in the same musician. Jule tells Jan of her financial trouble due to an automobile accident she was in last year with an executive driving a Mercedes. Now she must repay the man the cost to buy his new Mercedes. Jan sees this as injustice and volunteers to help Jule handle the problem. Jan invites her over for dinner and they talk about fear and using it as a drug to do things you never thought possible. Jules goes home and Jan stakes out a house and almost gets caught by the police. The next day Jan helps Jule hang wallpaper. They end up having wrapping Jule in wallpaper and painting in red, Every heart has a revolutionary cell. That night at work, Jules is caught smoking in the kitchen with the bartender. He is fired and Jule tries cover up for him and is fired as well. Jan and Jule stand on a rooftop discussing the current state of revolution and how it has entered popular culture. To help with Jules pent up aggression; Jan shares with her what he and Peter do at night. She recognizes the area and begs Jan to drive a few blocks down the street. They come upon a house and Jule jumps out to verify she is correct. It is the house of the man who owns the Mercedes she hit. She persuades Jan to break it Edukator style and he relents only if the alarm company that Peter used to work for guards the house. Lucky for Jule it is. They break in and begin to move around furniture. They decide to throw the couch into the pool. As they carry it, Jules takes off her coat. When the throw the couch into the pool, Jan falls in. He pulls Jule in and she discovers he has pictures from the wallpaper day in his jacket. They kiss in the pool. Jan goes to the bathroom to process what has happened and Jule goes to get some alcohol. While Jule is standing on the terrace, floodlights turn on and Jule runs inside. Her and Jan gather their items and get away before the police show up. The next morning Peter comes home. Jule comes over and tells Jan she lost her phone. Jan runs to the car to look for it without result. She must have left it at the house. That night Jan, Peter, and Jule go out partying. On the way home, Jule goes her separate way and Jan says he is going to go for a walk while Peter goes to bed. Jan and Jule return to the house looking for the phone and wiping fingerprints. Just as Jule finds her phone the owner, Hardenberg Burghart Klaußner, comes home. He comes in and recognizes Jule as the girl from the accident. They scuffle and Jan comes out and hits Hardenberg on the head. He is knocked unconscious and Jan and Jule freak out. Jan has Jule call Peter to help them out. They tie up Hardenberg. The three discuss a plan. Meanwhile Hardenberg has grabbed a phone and is calling the police. They grab Hardenberg and throw him in their car and drive away before the police show up. They arrive on a dirt road in the woods. They walk to a cabin belonging to Jules uncle. The following morning they continue their discussion on what to do. Peter goes to the local village to stock up on supplies. Hardenberg asks them their motives for kidnapping him. He and Jan go back on forth arguing about capitalism. Peter storms off and the relationship between Jan and Jule is growing. That night at dinner, Hardenberg shares how he was once a revolutionary like them. Hardenberg warns them he must call the housekeeper so that she will not go in the house and find the mess. They decide to drive him into town but Peter will hold a gun to him in case he decides to run off. Jan volunteers to be the one to take him along with the gun. That night Peter finds the picture of Jule in Jans jacket. The next day, they all drive into the village to use the pay phone. Jan takes Hardenberg to the phone. He tells his housekeeper not to come and when a tourist approaches the duo, Hardenberg lies and calls Jan his son, who feels isolated without using the phone. Jan, Jule, and Peter are surprised by Hardenbergs cooperation. Back at the cabin, Hardenberg and Jan talk about how he changed from a revolutionary in the 1970s to a businessman today. Peter begins to notice the growing relationship between Jan and Jule. At dinner that night, Hardenberg mentions their free love and how he used to live that way. Peter seems confused. The next morning Jan and Jule go out to buy some more supplies. Along the way they stop and succumb to their feelings for each other. While they are gone Hardenberg tells Peter of Jan and Jules relationship. Upon their return, Peter confronts them and leaves in a rage. He goes out on a night of drinking only to return the next morning. They decide it is time to take Hardenberg home. Peter and Jan make-up. Back at Hardenbergs home, he releases Jule of her debt to him and promises not to call the police. Jan is ready to give the Edukators life but Peter persuades him not to. Hardenberg eventually calls the police. A SWAT team shows up at Jan and Peters apartment blasting down the doors, but Jan, Jule, and Peter are not there. All they find is a note on the wall reading, People Never Change. Instead Jan, Jule, and Peter are living in free love in Barcelona.

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