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Revolution S01E04 (2012)

Revolution S01E04 (2012)

Revolution S01E04 (2012)


00:00:00,725 --> 00:00:02,572
Vivíamos em
um mundo elétrico.

00:00:02,877 --> 00:00:04,422
Dependíamos dele
para tudo.

00:00:05,224 --> 00:00:06,574
E depois, a energia acabou.

00:00:07,326 --> 00:00:10,145
Tudo parou de funcionar.
Não estávamos preparados.

00:00:10,599 --> 00:00:12,442
Medo e confusão
levaram ao pânico.

00:00:13,239 --> 00:00:15,042
Os sortudos saíram
das cidades.

00:00:15,727 --> 00:00:18,592
O governo entrou em colapso.
Milícias assumiram o controle.

00:00:18,807 --> 00:00:21,261
Controlando os alimentos
e estocando armas.

00:00:21,710 --> 00:00:24,217
Ainda não sabemos o motivo
da energia ter acabado.

00:00:24,801 --> 00:00:27,839
Mas esperamos que alguém
apareça e ilumine o caminho.

00:00:28,886 --> 00:00:30,386
em Revolution...

00:00:30,510 --> 00:00:31,860
Para trás!

00:00:31,863 --> 00:00:33,368
Lamento que esteja envolvido.

00:00:33,419 --> 00:00:35,119
Se não fosse seu pai,
seria você.

00:00:35,120 --> 00:00:36,470
Você é um assassino.

00:00:37,016 --> 00:00:39,284
- Nos vemos em 2 semanas.
- Está indo embora?

00:00:39,318 --> 00:00:41,820
"Fui atrás do Miles.
Não se preocupe. Charlie."

00:00:41,904 --> 00:00:43,254
Por que está me seguindo?

00:00:43,255 --> 00:00:44,955
Estou seguindo seu tio,
como você.

00:00:44,956 --> 00:00:46,681
- Foram as ordens.
- É da milícia.

00:00:46,682 --> 00:00:48,910
Quer saber
por que guardei isso?

00:00:48,911 --> 00:00:51,763
Lá dentro, estão as fotos
de meus filhos.

00:00:51,764 --> 00:00:53,264
Primeiros passos, tudo mais.

00:00:53,265 --> 00:00:55,321
É difícil lembrar
dos rostos deles.

00:00:55,322 --> 00:00:56,672

00:00:57,987 --> 00:01:00,038
- Miles.
- Como o conhece?

00:01:00,072 --> 00:01:01,422
Esse é Miles Matheson.

00:01:01,891 --> 00:01:04,593
Comandante general
da milícia Monroe.

00:01:04,711 --> 00:01:06,941
Fundador da República,

00:01:06,942 --> 00:01:09,642
atrás apenas do próprio
Sebastian Monroe.

00:01:09,699 --> 00:01:11,049

00:01:39,061 --> 00:01:40,411
Passe para cá.

00:01:41,714 --> 00:01:43,752
Eu estava com fome.

00:01:43,753 --> 00:01:45,103
Com fome?

00:01:45,568 --> 00:01:46,918
Agora preciso prender você.

00:01:46,919 --> 00:01:48,962
E pelo quê?
Uma semana de comida?

00:01:48,963 --> 00:01:51,863
- Sabe o que farão com você?
- Se me deixar ir...

00:01:51,864 --> 00:01:53,664
Sabe o que fariam comigo?

00:01:57,380 --> 00:01:59,180
- Bom trabalho.
- Obrigada.

00:02:02,050 --> 00:02:03,750
Meu nome é Miles Matheson.

00:02:06,723 --> 00:02:08,454
- Está brincando.
- Não.

00:02:09,576 ...



Open with Miles driving a horse-drawn cart. Nora, whose knife wound has gotten infected, is in the back with Charlie and Aaron. They are hours from the nearest medical attention and Charlie starts talking about whether things are going to be okay. This leads to Aaron flashing back to the night of the blackout. He's celebrating an anniversary with his wife by taking a weekend trip on the company jet. Their limo stops in the middle of the street and a truck runs into the side of the vehicle.Monroe greets Danny at the compound. He tells him that he is his guest and anything Danny wants he can have. After Danny leaves Monroe tells Tom he's being promoted to Major, in charge of intelligence and interrogation.Miles reaches the compound of a man named Drexel, who he thinks can help Nora. He seems to be a heroin manufacturer and his poppy plants have recently been burned. But when they arrive guns are drawn and Drexel pretends he wants to shoot Miles in the head. It was a sick joke and Drexel seems a bit off.Aaron again flashes back to the blackout. He is with his wife, who is now sick. They come across a guy named Sean who tells them she probably has dysentery.Nora is in septic shock and the doctor on site wants to use Miles' blood to "freshen the pipes."Charlie takes a hot bath and flashes back to all the people she's lost recently. She goes into her bag and rips up the postcards.Jason gives his report to Monroe, telling him about Nora and the pendant Aaron is carrying. Monroe orders Tom to ask a sergeant named Strauss to go after Miles and his group.When Miles makes reference to wanting to leave, Drexel talks about the impact Miles deserting the militia had on his reputation. He still feels like Miles owes him. He tells Miles about an Irish family up the road who doesn't like heroin and keeps burning his product. Miles says he'll take care of them, but Drexel says he wants Charlie to do it instead. He thinks Charlie is the only one who'll be able to get in and threatens to kill Nora if she doesn't.Charlie is put in a fancy dress. Miles doesn't want her to go, but she doesn't think they have any other option. Aaron is opposed to the idea. Drexel comes in and says the plan is for Charlie to pretend to be one of his "regular girls," who has left because he's been roughing her up. To make it convincing he punches her in the face.Another flashback to Aaron and his wife, this time eight months after the blackout. Two men grab his wife and beat him until Sean comes to the rescue.Aaron wants Miles to go after Charlie, insisting he needs to make a choice and choose his family. Aaron says he has an idea for how to get him off the compound.Charlie arrives at the O'Halloran compound and is eventually allowed to see the head of the family, Bill.Aaron pretends that something is wrong which distracts the guards. He sends Miles down a dish shoot to the kitchen, where he takes out several guards.Bill and most of his family were police before the blackout. His daughter ran away and ended up addicted to heroin and then dead because of Drexel.Drexel brings Aaron to the front lawn. Aaron begs him to let Nora go, at which point she is brought outside and given a shot of adrenaline to wake her up. Drexel brings out a pair of small revolvers, saying the plan is for them to shoot each other.Bill stops Charlie just before she can stab him, but she hits him over the head with a dish. She prepares to stab him, but Miles grabs her hands at the last minute and says they're leaving.Drexel tells Nora and Aaron that the one who shoots the other gets to stay alive. If they refuse he'll shoot them both.We flashback again to Aaron and his wife eight months after the blackout. He feels useless as a provider, unable to make a fire or hunt. He's worried about what might happen if people go after her again.Aaron tells Nora he wants her to shoot him. He closes his eyes and says that Miles and Charlie need her, not him. She won't do it, but Aaron puts the gun to his own chest and pulls the trigger. He falls to the ground, appearing to be dead. Drexel walks over to him and Aaron sits up and shoots him. He shot himself in the flask he had in his pocket. The rest of Drexel's men let them leave.We flashback to Aaron's wife waking up to find him gone. There is a note, telling her she's better off with the group they've been with. He's left his wedding ring and is gone.Danny is brought to see his mother.

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