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Legenda em Português (Europa)

Europa Report (2013)

Europa Report (2013)


Europa Report (2013)


00:00:31,765 --> 00:00:33,799

00:00:36,736 --> 00:00:39,471

00:00:46,112 --> 00:00:47,446

00:00:54,687 --> 00:00:56,822
- (Chimes)
- Man:. Ei, amigo

00:00:56,824 --> 00:00:59,425
O espaço é grande.

00:01:01,127 --> 00:01:02,661
Eu sinto falta vocês.

00:01:02,663 --> 00:01:05,064
Estamos muito longe agora.
Eu não posso nem ver, uh -

00:01:05,066 --> 00:01:07,132
Eu não posso mesmo
veja mais terra.

00:01:07,134 --> 00:01:09,101

00:01:09,103 --> 00:01:10,469
(tagarelar fundo)

00:01:10,471 --> 00:01:13,138
E, uh...
É pacífico.

00:01:13,140 --> 00:01:14,406
Você sabe?

00:01:15,809 --> 00:01:17,810
Não diga a sua mãe isso,
mas eu acho que

00:01:17,812 --> 00:01:19,511
Na verdade, eu dormir...

00:01:19,513 --> 00:01:21,847
- Melhor aqui,
longe de seu ronco.
- (Mulher falando)

00:01:24,217 --> 00:01:26,685
- Over.
- (Chimes)

00:01:26,687 --> 00:01:28,654
Man ? 2 através do rádio:
Tanks b-7 e b-9 são

00:01:28,656 --> 00:01:31,256
mostrando os primeiros sinais
de congelamento. Over.

00:01:33,660 --> 00:01:35,260
O que você faria
se você chegar lá

00:01:35,262 --> 00:01:36,528
e você não encontrar nada?

00:01:38,298 --> 00:01:39,798
Bem, mesmo se
não encontramos nada,

00:01:39,800 --> 00:01:41,733
está em vigor uma descoberta.

00:01:42,735 --> 00:01:44,770
Ele me faria
muito frustrado.

00:01:44,772 --> 00:01:47,106
Eu sei que há
algo lá.

00:01:47,108 --> 00:01:49,408
Man ? 2 no rádio:
Confira em baías nav 3 e 4.

00:01:49,410 --> 00:01:51,176
Você pode querer atualizar...

00:01:51,178 --> 00:01:53,112

00:01:53,114 --> 00:01:55,814
O controle da missão,
repetir por favor. Over.

00:01:55,816 --> 00:01:59,751
- Man ? 2: Você quer que eu
mostrar como vencê-los?
- . Europa um

00:01:59,753 --> 00:02:02,788
William, eu tenho
alguns estática no comm
variedade alimentar-se aqui.

00:02:02,790 --> 00:02:05,591
- Parece que
a radiação pico.
- (Sinal sonoro de alarme)

00:02:05,593 --> 00:02:08,627
Você já tentou
reciclagem do sistema?

00:02:08,629 --> 00:02:10,870
O controle da missão:
Rosa, que perdeu o seu feed.

00:02:12,499 --> 00:02:13,832
Europa, venham dentro

00:02:13,834 --> 00:02:16,635
- (Estático)
- . Europa um

00:02:16,637 --> 00:02:18,904
- (vozes distorcidas)
- Europa um .

00:02:25,912 --> 00:02:28,147
(sinal sonoro de alarme)

00:02:34,888 --> 00:02:36,788
(paradas estático...



The whole movie is made to look like it was made from a collection of recovered video footage. The movie begins with an introductory screen saying "The Europa One mission was the first attempt to send men and women into deep space". Various camera feed are shown of the ship's interior and exterior in one video Engineer James Corrigan (Sharlto Copley) is shown recording a video diary, in others team captain William Xu (Daniel Wu) is seen adjusting various panels, Dr. Katya Petrovna (Karolina Wydra) is seen fixing gear, Andrei Blok (Michael Nyqvist) and Dr. Daniel Luxembourg (Christian Camargo) is seen enjoying a floating game of chess and pilot Rosa Dasque (Anamaria Marinca) is seen adjusting panels and monitors in the cockpit. The camera feed slowly start to get distorted and eventually stop with the feed from the cockpit of pilot Rosa Dasque being the last image before a static.Back on what appears to be earth at that present time Dr. Samantha Unger (Embeth Davidtz) is apparently giving an interview on the Europa One mission saying " These were the last few images from the Europa One craft at that time it had already traveled further than any human being had ever traveled before for 16 long months I have been asked the simple but loaded question, what happened?..all...I am sorry.." she is visually upset while recalling the mission details.It appears that somehow the rest of the mission video footage were later recovered and then compiled to tell the story of the crew aboard Europa One.The footage of Europa One resumes with the team assembled in the central living area, all except James Corrigan, everyone is upset it is obvious something bad must have happened. Dr. Katya asks about informing 'his' family and whether they should go on. Back on earth Dr. Umber explains she was on board a trans Atlantic flight when she was informed that feed transmission from Europa One has stopped and what they expected to be just delayed was already over 15 hours of dead feed.The recorded video diary of pilot Rosa is shown and she confirms the death of James Corrigan and how badly it affected the whole team saying how the "exhilaration of it all left". The rest of the team appear in various camera feeds visibly stressed and broken down, Andrei seemingly most distraught, Doctors Daniel and Katya pack James's bag. A year later James's death the team is still depressed and trying to cope up.The mission video feed now goes back 19 months 10 days and 14 hours to explain the events that lead to the current situation. The viewers are now taken back to the launch day, the administration including Dr. Umber are all excited to introduce the mission and reveal its purpose. The team pull off a successful launch and are up in space on their way to Europa the 6 man crew, the first to journey beyond the moon, is applauded loudly at mission control. On board James starts his video diary by introducing the ship's interior, their daily life and the rest of the excited crew. Dr. Umber (back on Earth) cuts in saying how far they come and how far they yet have to go, several pre- launch interviews are shown explaining that the purpose of the mission is to seek out life in Europa once it has been confirmed that free water does exist beneath its very thick layer of ice and even heat signatures have been found in the area called the "Conamara Chaos". On board the team continues with their regular life. Various interviews of the team members back on earth are shown including more information about the trip prior to the launch. Going forward again to the 19th month of the mission team captain William Xu and Dr. Daniel confront Andrei about his slow recovery and after he leaves rather rudely the two decide that they will be taking him with them in the lander to Europa.21 months 16 days and 23 hours into the trip Jupiter is very close and pilot Rosa records in her video diary that the closeness of the planet brought back the excitement and the team is ready to work for the mission again. The crew soon reach Europa and prepare the lander, they reach close to the surface smoothly but face radiation interference close to the landing site and choose an alternate landing zone about 100 meters away from the Conamara chaos- their preferred site. Back on Earth at that time Dr. Umber still had no idea about what happened to the crew and stared at Jupiter in the night sky hoping that they made it. Dr. Sokolov (Dan Fogler) informs again that the objective was to do extensive surface tests with a robotic arm to find life that would have been possible had they landed at the preferred site. At 22 months Dr. Daniel says it will be difficult to get the samples that they wanted since they did not land where they were supposed to, Dr. Petrovna suggests they should investigate under the ice since there is nothing else they can do. At 22 months day 1 the whole landing craft shakes violently twice, Dr. Andrei is up in the cockpit and the camera there gets interrupted by radiation, Andrei peeks out his window and then quickly grabs his camera to record something. While the team below is investigating the cause of the frequent ice shifts, Andrei climbs down and says "Guys I saw something." Andrei reports he saw a light about 100 meters out and it was like an LED down with refraction and it definitely moved. The team investigate feed from various cameras but can not find anything although they do notice radiation interference in all of the ships cameras. Dr. Daniel believes Andrei might have seen nothing and only imagining but Dr. Petrovna says it might also be the first indication of exactly the thing they came here to find. The team still worries about Andrei's condition and Rosa describes the teams emotion as a raw mix of awe, excitement and fear.

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