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Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

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Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)


00:00:27,218 --> 00:00:30,745
- John!
- Nancy, cuidado!

00:00:37,384 --> 00:00:38,384

00:00:39,171 --> 00:00:39,974

00:00:45,869 --> 00:00:47,694
Vamos, Nancy. Vamos!

00:01:19,537 --> 00:01:22,734
- Pai?
- Desculpe filho, não consegui.

00:01:22,774 --> 00:01:25,538
Você vai ter que...

00:01:31,649 --> 00:01:34,015
Pai? Pai!

00:01:34,719 --> 00:01:36,983

00:01:57,441 --> 00:01:59,068
Eu te amo!

00:02:06,260 --> 00:02:11,006

00:02:58,236 --> 00:03:01,171
Sr. Presidente,
ela está aqui de novo.

00:03:08,846 --> 00:03:11,007
Pai, vão matar você.

00:03:12,149 --> 00:03:13,844
Não estou em perigo, querida.

00:03:13,885 --> 00:03:17,878
Eles te odeiam, Abraham! Por que
tem que ir àquele lugar horrível?

00:03:18,756 --> 00:03:21,520
Porque a batalha de Gettysburg
foi importante...

00:03:21,559 --> 00:03:24,392
- e precisa ser reconhecida.
- Não vejo porque...

00:03:24,428 --> 00:03:27,420
Houve 50 mil baixas.

00:03:28,032 --> 00:03:31,559
É a homenagem a essas valas comuns
e, sim... eu devo assistir.

00:03:31,602 --> 00:03:33,467
Me pediram para falar.

00:03:34,205 --> 00:03:37,800
O que eles se recusam a dizer
sobre os corpos dos jovens mortos?

00:03:40,344 --> 00:03:43,836
Eu acho que a nossa vitória ali
foi algo que mudará a guerra.

00:03:44,982 --> 00:03:47,610
Eu quero dar uma mensagem
de unificação...

00:03:48,519 --> 00:03:50,612
- E esperança.
- Esperança?

00:03:50,655 --> 00:03:52,919

00:03:52,957 --> 00:03:57,087
Você é o homem mais melancólico
que eu já conheci, Sr. Lincoln.

00:03:57,595 --> 00:04:00,189
Talvez sim.

00:04:00,231 --> 00:04:03,598
Sr. Presidente, o secretário
está esperando lá embaixo.

00:04:04,368 --> 00:04:06,632
Está bem...

00:04:07,071 --> 00:04:09,164
Não tema, querida.

00:04:09,407 --> 00:04:11,602
Você ainda vai me ter
por muitos anos.

00:04:28,459 --> 00:04:31,792
O que podemos recapitular é que a
operação "Big Shanty" foi desastrosa.

00:04:32,463 --> 00:04:35,398
Dos 30 homens que enviamos,

00:04:35,433 --> 00:04:38,561
só um conseguiu sobreviver.

00:04:39,470 --> 00:04:41,665
E aparentemente enlouqueceu.

00:04:42,273 --> 00:04:44,298
Como assim?

00:04:44,809 --> 00:04:48,472
Está contando histórias sobre...

00:04:48,512 --> 00:04:49,706
E de canibalismo.

00:04:49,747 --> 00:04:51,544
Claramente uma loucura.

00:04:52,350 --> 00:04:53,510
Homens mortos-vivos?

00:04:54,352 --> 00:04:56,286
Da união ou da confederação?

00:04:56,320 --> 00:04:58,254
Dos dois, ele disse.

00:04:58,289 --> 00:05:00,018
Ou de nenhum, eu não sei.

00:05:00,057 --> 00:05:02,048
Quem controla o forte?

00:05:02,126 --> 00:05:04,594
Ninguém sabe.




In 1819 Kentucky, after his mother Nancy Lincoln (Rhianna Van Helton), falls victim to an illness that requires her to be tied to her bed, vicious and cannibalistic, 10-year-old Abe Lincoln (Brennen Harper) sees his father Thomas Lincoln (Kent Igleheart) commit suicide at her bedside. Taking up a weapon, the distraught young Abe tells his mother that he loves her before beheading her. He then joins others in his community in containing a local zombie outbreak.In August 1863, when an adult Abraham Lincoln (Bill Oberst Jr.) has become President of a fracturing United States, he is apprised of rumors concerning a prominent Confederate stronghold. He is told that a regiment of 30 men had gone to Confederate Fort Pulaski to seize it from the Confederates and only one man returned barely alive. When questioning the survivor, Lincoln discovers the soldier has an illness that seems to bring corpses back to life. He then personally leads a team of the newly established Secret Service to accompany him in investigating the fort in the Deep South.They get to the fort and are attacked by Confederate survivers led by the one-armed General Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson (Don McGraw) (who did not die at the battle of Chancelorville but just lost his right arm) as well as by several of the infected people. Abe kills one of his men who had been bitten by an infected and explains to the others in his party that if they are bitten or scratched by an infected, or if an infected's blood makes contact with their mouths or eyes, that they too will become infected and, within 24 hours, would no longer be considered "human". More are lost when attempting to investigate the surrounding neighborhood, and Abe encounters an old flame turned prostitute Mary Owens (Baby Norman) who is sheltering her help, including a young Theodore Roosevelt (Canon Kuipers), to protect them from the invasion.The group makes their way back to the fort where Jackson refuses to kill the infected, believing them to only be sick and in need of care. He claims Lincoln's actions are only against the members of the confederacy. Based on an old word he'd learned from his mother, the negro Agent Brown (Jason Hughley) names the infected persons "zombies", or "the walking dead" that need to feed on human flesh. Sgt. Pat Garrett (Christopher Marrone), one of Jackson's men, volunteers to help Abe, and guides them to a nearby plantation that has farming implements they can use to combat the threat.When returning to the fort, Mary is splashed in the face with zombie blood and soon falls ill. Meanwhile, agent John Wilkinson (Jason Vail) plots to kill Lincoln while he's alone. He recants when he catches Abe praying, as in his mind prayer would ensure Lincoln's soul going to heaven. The next morning, Wilkinson remains behind at the fort as the rest of the group heads into the township to kill off the infected. Being greatly outnumbered, only Abe, Theodore and Mary's friend Annika (Anna Fricks) return when the others are slaughtered and eaten alive. After finally realizing that Lincoln is right and escape is unlikley, Stonewall shows Abe a cache of gunpowder. They they decide to use the explosive to blow up the fort after trapping and containing the zombies inside.Jackson blows the Revelle on his trumpet, luring all of the zombies into the fort where Abe lights the fuse to the powder magazine. When the fuse goes out, Stonewall ventures down alone to re-light it, but is over-run and killed by the zombies just after doing so. Abe and Brown escape just in time and the entire place goes up. Mary accepts her fate and goes off with Lincoln to die, much to Annika's heartbreak. Abe then ventures to Gettsyburg to deliver the Gettsyburg Address in the dedication of the local cemetery.18 months later, Abe goes to visit Mary who had been in the care of a doctor investigating the illness in vain hope of finding a cure. As Abe cleans wounds caused by her restraining shackles, Mary grabs his hand scratches his skin infecting him, much to his horror. Knowing he is himself uncurable, Abe requests that a message be sent to John Wilkinson, as earlier he'd discovered that Wilkinson was actually John Wilkes Booth who had a plot to kidnap Lincoln in response to the end of the war and the Union the victor. The message gives Booth the information to know exactly where Lincoln would be the following night as Abe and his wife Mary go to Ford Theater... thus leading to his assassination at Booth's hands.

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